Tim Horton’s

Tim Horton's coffee, donut and sandwich!

During donation period of  NA 413, a producer from Ontario, Canada gave a shout-out from Gitmo Tim Horton’s. Dvorak described them as a Canadian burger chain that makes “very good” burgers and they give you lots of condiments to put on your burger.

We at No Agenda Entertainment have visited Tim Horton’s when we visited  Victoria, British Columbia. Our view is that it’s a clean, well lit place for donuts and coffee! I was especially impressed that they give you a real plate to put your donut on and the coffee was pretty good!  Some jokingly refer to Tim Horton’s as the national symbol of Canada.

UPDATE: John C. Dvorak realized he got Tim Horton’s (the huge Canadian donut chain) confused with the Harvey’s take-out burger chain.

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