Chez Panisse

Chez Panisse - Berkeley, California

Review on Yelp

517 Shattuck Ave [map]
(between Cedar St & Vine St)
Berkeley, CA 94709

During Adam’s exposé of the “non-profit” Common Sense Media, he was listing off the elites in this “drinking club” –  one of them was Alice Waters. Dvorak replied that this seemed like the kind of project she’d be involved in. Adam wondered who she was and John reminded him that she’s the owner of Chez Panisse. That still didn’t register with Adam so they moved on. Alice Waters is widely known for her food activism, supporting organic produce and healthy eating and gardening programs for local school kids.

Dvorak has brought up Chez Panisse before. It’s a famous restaurant in Berkeley’s “gourmet alley” that is the quintessential leader of the organic, locavore movement and has been a major influence for many California and American chefs. Adam and John haven’t done one of their dining reviews here but Dvorak has probably mentioned eating there before.

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