No Agenda Chicken

Here’s John Dvorak’s simple chicken recipe from

No Agenda Chicken

(Roasted Chicken Full Legs or Thighs)

This recipe is something I cook often, and it became a topic of conversation on a No Agenda show.

It’s perfect when you do not feel like spending a lot of time on a meal since it includes both vegetables and potatoes and can be the entire meal. Adam Curry called asking for an easy chicken recipe to be done in the oven that would produce a crispy skin. This is it.

I tend to serve it with a small salad. The dish is mostly preparation with no work after that. Even a stew, which needs some attention, requires more work than this simple dish.


Cup of rough cut celery pieces

cup of chopped onion

½ cup of carrots cut any way you want (large pieces are best)

2 large red potatoes cut in ¾ inch cubes

6 to 8 chicken thighs or 3-4 full legs (hind quarters)

olive oil




These ingredients are all approximate and the size and cut of the potatoes will change a lot based on cooking times and how covered you roasting pan is with chicken. The pictorial example I show below uses 6 thighs and this will allow the vegetables to cook faster than a pan jammed with 8 or more thighs.

So you take all the cut vegetables and spread them in a normal sized roasting pan. Put some olive oil over the pieces and add salt pepper and marjoram and mix the vegetables and potatoes with your hands so there is a thin layer of oil and seasoning on each piece.

Season the chicken pieces however you like. Greek season works with this dish or just the same ingredients as you used for the vegetables. Coat the chicken on on both sides.

Put the pieces – skin up – on top of the vegetables and bake at 425 for between 40-50 minutes. The shorter time is for the thighs only. Whole legs usually take 45 minutes.

The celery and onions and potato up being cooked in chicken fat and make a quite delicious side dish either mixed up or separated.

In the photos I added some broccoli which is used as a garnish to the disk. You can also add turnips or rutabagas to the vegetable mix. I’ve experimented with a number of things including parsnips and bell peppers. Rutabagas are the best of the lot. Some things such as sun chokes do not work. You can also leave things out. In the dish I photographed there was no celery by accident since I was told we had celery and we did not. It was still good. This recipe was derived from the need to lift some chicken off the bottom of a roasting pan for roasting.

This is a great cold weather dish too. The only tricky part is to make sure the potatoes are completely cooked. This will be dependent on how big you cut them. Know your cooking times by experimenting with roasted potatoes.

Have fun.

[update 11/2/2015]
No Agenda Chicken was mentioned again on NA 769 (eight anniversary show).

Adam wanted to make the chicken dish with the vegetables underneath, when he realized it’s No Agenda Chicken that he wanted to make! Adam then called John to get the recipe and against John’s warnings, Adam made it work with brussels sprouts. Adam was enthusiastic how it came out – only one pan and NO cancer!

[NA 769 2:30]


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