Fifth Floor

Fifth Floor

Photo: Lance Iversen / San Francisco Chronicle.

Adam came up to San Francisco for a Mevio board meeting, so this meant it was time to put a meal on the expense account with his No Agenda partner, John C. Dvorak!

They decided to dine at one of San Francisco’s fine dining restaurants, Fifth Floor. Located near 4th and Market Streets atop the Hotel Palomar.

Adam reported that Dvorak showed up in Crocs, jeans with his shirt tail hanging out. He went on to suspects that to onlookers, they look like an older gay couple when they come in for their earlybird 5:30 dining dates.

As usual, Dvorak had to be a crank with the Sommelier, quizzing her why the French Pommard wine was underpriced. Instead of just ordering it, he was suspicious why it was being cleared out for a below market rate.
12 Fourth Street [map]
San Francisco , CA94103
Within the Hotel Palomar 





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