Internet In A Suitcase

Image: Flickr user laverrue

During NA 321 Adam played a clip of a representative of the State Dept. at the New America Foundation, whose logo looks suspiciously like the CIA’s which signifies they are a total Spoof Organization” according to Dvorak. The State Dept. douchebag gave a talk on what the Techno Experts are cooking up and he brought up a new technology called Internet In A Suitcase Program. Internet In A Suitcase seems to be some kind of kit, so Adam mused if it was a carry on item or not. Dvorak thinks it’s a kit that tells you to write certain things on your Twitter account, here’s when you do it!

Dvorak followed up that the New America Foundation is headed by the author of Ghost Worlds: The Secret History of the CIA. Adam then Google’d such headlines as Internet In A Suitcase: Sends Oppressive Regimes Packing!

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