Atlas V Rocket Launch

Atlas V - Vandenberg AFB - April 24, 2011

During No Agenda #295, Adam brought up the upcoming Atlas V launch at nearby Vandenberg Air Force Base. This rocket launched a secret satellite to no doubt, spy on us – according to Adam.

No Agenda Entertainment decided to hit the road and drive down Vandenberg from Oakland. We brought along a camera and picked up a couple friends in Santa Cruz along the way. We ended up arriving at the viewing area along Corral Rd. with 30 seconds to spare! At 9:24pm, the speaker announced  ‘IGNITION’ and a bright light flashed a couple miles away as the rocket began its liftoff. As the rocket streaked skyward, the low sounding roar could be heard. The PA announcer counted off the SRB (solid rocket booster) separation and then the seperation of the first stage. The Atlas then soared out of site. After five or so minutes, the mission became top secret and went into stealth mode.

Atlas V - Vandenberg AFB - April 24, 2011

Photo credit: Pat Corkery/United Launch Alliance

Photo credit: Dave Bryan/No Agenda Entertainment



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