The Borgias

The Borgias - Showtime
Adam has a glowing review of The Borgias, which takes place in 1492 and dramatizes the characters and events surrounding Cardinal Borgia’s take over of the papacy.

Adam exclaimed, “You have to watch this! It is great!  Noted actor, Jeremy Irons plays the head of the Borgia clan who ascends to the papacy via crime, extortion, torture and murder and becomes Pope Alexander VI.   The show’s subtitle is “the original crime family” and  proceeds to rips apart the entire Catholic religion according to Adam.

Adam went on to heap more accolades on the production, “This is Showtime, man these guys put some money into this stuff,  it looks beautiful. The story is a lot more believable than that Kennedy crap! (referring to the recent Katie Holmes series about JFK). It’s really good and I advise everyone watch it! If you want some really good entertainment that happens to come over television, this is it if you have Showtime, or get it from torrent for all I care. Absoutely outstanding!

Ok Adam -we’ll check it out!


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