Snitch Apps

Drive Me Crazy

Now at the App Store, snitch apps! First there was the Patriot App to report suspicious behavior, now there’s Drive Me Crazy, a voice activated app where you can report someone and issue a virtual ticket! According to Adam Curry, this GPS enabled app records the time and place of the violations and then reports this information to the DMV and all insurance companies!

Adam explained further that this snithch app was produced by Philip Inghelbrecht, who created the popular music ID app, Shazam. Adam said all listeners of No Agenda should boycott Shazam and use Soundhound instead!

John and Adam further discussed how this is all part of See Something, Say Something and is similar to the infamous Stasi and other eastern european security organizations that encouraged snitching on your neighbors.

We at No Agenda Entertainment are intrigued at Drive Me Crazy’s capability to flag ‘cuties’ you see on the road. Maybe it ain’t all that bad?

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