Mac Mini/Snow Leopard Server

Adam want to get off the cloud in a big way – what with Google selling out your data to the Feds (only $20!) he doesn’t want to compromise confidential data from people that send him inside info. His search for a ‘turn-key’ server solution that he could run inhouse was complete when he scored a Mac Mini server with it’s included OS – OSX Snow Leopard Server. To make it more like the Gmail service he was used to, he added Mail Steward, a MySQL database solution for rapid search and archiving of email. He also added a plug in called MsgFilr for quick keyboard shortcuts to store mail in specific folders. On top of this, he added GnuGP for easy encryption of mail messages.

Adam went into detail expaining his server setup during DSC #853. He also describes it here on his CurrysCloud site.

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