SFPark ‘Smart’ Meters

SFPark smart meters being installed

Dvorak has a big peeve with San Francisco’s new SFPark smart parking meters. This over $24.5 million dollar pilot program seems like a scam according to Dvorak who thinks the spots should be free and that municipalities probably spend so much money administering parking programs with high paid employees, that they don’t make any money for the city. Well, at least $20 million dollars for these meters came from the federal government!

SFPark parking meterNoAgendaEntertainment was on the scene late July when these meters were first being installed in SF’s Hayes Valley neighborhood. Dvorak says that these meters were installed in front of Mevio’s offices on 2nd St. but they should have a low price since people rarely use them as there’s free parking nearby. Look for the City to eliminate the free spots so they can charge more at its new meters. Also, Dvorak should be happy that he can just shove his credit card right into the meter so he won’t have to waste ten minutes of meter time feeding coins in the slot.

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