Lark Creek Steak

Lark Creek Steak

Lark Creek Steak

Reviewed in NA #43 – 8/17/2008

The boys ate at upscale steak house, Lark Creek Steak. Located inside the Westfield Shopping Center in downtown SF. Owned by reknown Bay Area restauranteur,
Bradley Ogden, Dvorak explained how as a chef, Ogden makes very flavored food.

This restaurant was discussed at length so I’ll break it down to the Adam and John’s comments.


  • Placement – interesting, liked the booths!
  • Music was 3 dB to loud – kinda Kenny G.
  • Being asked if they wanted tap water instead of bottled water. (Dvorak: tap water is in!)
  • Server a little over zealous – but that’s ok.
  • Iceberg with Waldorf dressing – the chef is ‘famous’ for this!
  • Eel River – 8th rib rib steak – said his was good but didn’t blow him away and it was kind of bland. The waiter recommended mixing their famous horseradish mixed with A1 steak sauce Adam requested.
  • Adam thought Dvorak’s pick of wine was perfect, a 2005 Caymus Cabernet served in ‘appropriate’ glasses which are large and thin walled so you can look at the wine.
  • Side dishes – loved corn and mashed potatoes.
  • Adam’s sorbet desert – the cantaloupe sorbet tasted with a sip of the Calvados was amazing!


  • Bleu Cheese salad dressing ordered with the cheap green salad but he thought it was so ammoniated he couldn’t eat it. He returned it for a regular vinagarette.
  • Hearst Ranch Grass Fed NY strip. Dvorak thought they should re-source their steaks. Maybe get their steaks from some guy in Iowa.  “that Eel River shit, who cares!”, said Adam.
  • Fries – bland. Maybe need some salt?
  • Hollandaise sauce didn’t really work and was more like Bernaise and didn’t really stick to the  fries. The waiter then brought some ketchup which Dvorak thought was mediocre and probably not homemade either.

Dvorak said the best steak is at a place called Downtown in Berkeley (we couldn’t find a listing for it).

Lark Creek Steak
Yelp review

Westfield Mall
845 Market St. [map]
4th Floor
San Francisco, CA

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