Cliveden House


Dining here earns the Living Large prize! During the Christmas holiday in 2007, Adam’s family dined at London’s super expensive, Cliveden House.

Adam wanted to give a gift to himself by getting a real good bottle of wine.  He was trying to choose between two different 1953 Latour Bordeauxs. Dvorak tried to guess the price to be $7500US or  £3000UK. After discussing with his wife, Patricia, he balked at the expensive purchase.

Dvorak said he could probably go find  around town a ’53 Château Latour Grand Vin for about $1000. Dvorak recommended a ’59 that is ‘fresher’. The 1953 could be fading though absolutely tasty. Adam mentioned he saw many Latour’s from the ’95 vintage and Dvorak said the 12 years old Bordaux’s are considered the perfect age.


Taplow, Berkshire
SL6 0JF, United Kingdom

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