Monthly Archive:: May 2011

Unmentionable Cuisine

John C. Dvorak just recommended this book during this morning's No Agenda (NA 308). Dvorak shared that it contains recipes featuring rats and other vermin which people had to eat when times were tough.

College Conspiracy

After a No Agenda listener requested some ‘good karma’ for his student son, Adam mentinoed this documentary that is posted on YouTube. Adam went on that people are coming out to the job market with a student loan debt of 300k! Eventually these people will need to be bailed out. Our education debt is now

Obama’s High-Speed Bus Plan

Obama Replaces Costly High-Speed Rail Plan With High-Speed Bus Plan

2011 Eurovision Winner

As usual, Adam commented on this year’s Eurovision contest. This year’s winner is Ell/Nikki from Azerbaijan. Adam thought it was a terrible song.