Adam says Tucker’s interview with Thomas Massie is required watching!

Adam says Thomas Massie is an interesting guy and does great impressions of Trump and Mitch McConnell. [NA 1667 1:04]

Costco Wine Tips

Costco is now offering four sub-$10 Bordeaux’s in a wooden box with the labels displayed clearly for only $29.95! Terrific products for the price exclaims John C. Dvorak. If you always see these Four-fers in a box, get them! For a little backstory, JCD revealed that Misa Imports is the wine buyer for Costco and

The Naked Jungle

Insects are marching north due to climate change and it reminds Dvorak of an old movie called The Naked Jungle. He described it as a great movie about a giant army of ants marching towards civilization. Starring Charlton Heston. [NA1565 1:35]

The Bear

Adam loves The Bear on Hulu. It’s a drama about a Michelin star chef that has to takeover his brother’s Italian Beef sandwich shop in Chicago. [NA1567 1:12]

Adam says he’s loving it! Try, the “AI” search engine for the No Agenda podcast. A cool project by Sir Deanonymous that searches clips, transcripts and articles used in No Agenda. It even pulls in the episodes artwork along with the search results. [NA1564:1:56]

Wireless Wars

While discussing Bill Gates recent meetup with China’s Xi Jinping, Dvorak played a clip featuring an analysts view on the Chinese leaders hierarchy of relationships with American tech leaders. The analyst was Wireless Wars author, Jon Nelson. Check out the book on Amazon. [NA1565 1:04]

Died Suddenly

Is the Stew Peters documentary, Died Suddenly, a cover or Google Wash? If you now google search “died suddenly” it takes up the first couple of search pages, according to John C. Dvorak, who also called it a dumb documentary. They both seemed to agree it was an “Op”. Adam said he liked the movie

NBC Suspends Reporter After Pelosi Report Removed

John and Adam were talking about the attack on Paul Pelosi in the Pelosi’s Pacific Heights mansion. Now, an NBC Reporter, Miguel Almaguer was suspended and NBC retracted its story on the Pelosi attack. The NBC report seems quite different than the popular reported narrative of the event: “later report was Almaguer on the street

Goya Sazonador Total

Dvorak recommends Goya Sazonador Total! It’s a general purpose seasoning that’s used religiously in the Dvorak household. John adds, “it’s so good, get the big giant one – just mix with sour cream, best buttermilk style ranch dressing you’ll ever have! The reasons the seasoning was mentioned was that they played a clip of CEO

Is NPR Running Native Ads for Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza?

NPR did a piece on Taco Bell reviving an old menu item, the Mexican Pizza. In NPR’s story, they interviewed a woman, Rima Parikh, who has the most over-the-top valley girl accent. Every sentence seems to end with an up-talk phrasing that makes it seem like a question. The story’s slant has an interesting narrative

The Coddling of the American Mind

While discussing the over-socialized and under-informed, author Jonathan Haidt and his commentary on Gen Z was mentioned. His book is The Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt.

Are We “Amusing Ourselves to Death?”

Tristan Harris recently appeared on the Joe Rogan show and read the opening from the Neil Postman’s book, Amusing Ourselves to Death.

‘Songbird’ Is The Scariest Movie to Watch During the Pandemic

Adam asked if there’s been many movie productions in the last 8-10 months? The answer, not many! But get ready, because Netflix is now streaming the apocalyptic pandemic thriller, Songbird. In Songbird, the lockdown has been extended and the virus is now attacking brain tissue – death toll is at 110 million and infected Americans

Is Netflix Hiding “The Plot Against the President?”

Adam was being texted by everyone, “You got to see this documentary, The Plot Against the President!” This hot new documentary was supposed to be on Netflix, so Adam attempted to find it with his Roku’s voice search. Unfortunately, the Roku had a hard time finding the movie. Frustratingly, he had to go down sixteen spots

Feathered Cocaine: Follow the Falcon, Find the Terrorist

Feathered Cocaine is a documentary made around 2010 and was maybe discussed on the show around 2011. The film tells the story of underground falcon smuggling. Falcons are treasured by the wealthy elite throughout the Persian Gulf, the sporting birds have earned the label “feathered cocaine.”

Dvorak Speaks His Mind on Pierogi

When pierogi was mentioned, Dvorak spoke his mind on the Eastern European dumplings and thinks they suck and are overrated. It’s a dumpling – no big deal! [1287: 2:47]

My Octopus Teacher: Man’s Best Friend has Eight Tentacles

Adam just watched My Octopus Teacher, “If you haven’t watched this documentary, you haven’t lived! The octopus would recognize him, it would hug him!” 1284: 1:53

Is the Mystery Tower in Milford, Texas a Tesla Tower?

While discussing why there hasn’t been as much ‘Second Half of Show’ material recently, John Dvorak mentioned the mysterious Tesla tower in Texas (not to be confused with Austin’s famous Moontowers).

No Agenda Meetup Heads to Las Vegas – “It’s Like a Party!”

Mark your calendars for the evening of Oct. 13, 6 – 8:00 p.m. As of the Oct. 8 show, Adam reports there are 58 RSVPs and that he and The Keeper will be there!

True Crime Podcast: Melanie McGuire “The Suitcase Killer”

Eighteen months ago, No Agenda Show producer Sir Jimmy V. from Jersey City, NJ contacted No Agenda to tell them about a true crime podcast created by himself and his girlfriend, in which they interview Melanie McGuire AKA “Suitcase Killer”.